Wonderbound Announces Its 2014-2015 Season, Which Includes SERENADE FOR STRINGS, MARIE and More

Wonderbound Announces Its 2014-2015 Season, Which Includes SERENADE FOR STRINGS, MARIE and More

Featuring Baroque Chamber Orchestra, Colorado Symphony and Chimney Choir, Wonderbound's 2014-2015 season brings live music and exciting collaborations to the stage yet again. From celebrated works such as Garrett Ammon's Serenade for Strings to new productions exploring the life of Marie Antoinette and later, the inhabitants of Denver, this season promises to lead audiences on a breathless adventure.

In October, Wonderbound will launch the season by continuing its experimentation with Colorado Symphony's exquisite musicians. The program will feature Garrett Ammon's celebrated Serenade for Strings set to Tchaikovsky's enduringly beautiful score as well as a world premiere by Wonderbound's Sarah Tallman.

"I am both humbled and excited to be choreographing on and collaborating with the dance artists at Wonderbound and the musicians of the Colorado Symphony. I look forward to exploring the notions of grace and beauty in our fast paced, modern world." said Sarah Tallman, Wonderbound Company Artist

"We are so excited to be working with Wonderbound again in the 14-15 season," said Anthony Pierce, Vice President of Artistic Administration for the Colorado Symphony. "It's a privilege to be part of the collaboration between some of the finest dancers and musicians in the area. This encore performance to Serenade for Strings promises to be gorgeous and virtuosic."

Wonderbound's relationship with Baroque Chamber Orchestra of Colorado began with its collaborative production of A Dangerous Liaison in 2012. Immediately, these seemingly disparate organizations began to parley about their next adventure. In February, 2015, Marie will delve into the psychological, social, political and romantic complexities surrounding Marie Antoinette, Queen of France, through a decidedly contemporary lens. In addition to this full length production, a salon entitled Sketches of Marie will be held on June 14, 2014 featuring an intimate first look at the production as well as a discussion encouraging audience perspectives.

"Wonderbound has been on a wild adventure this past season and we are proud to be continuing the journey with another season that pushes Wonderbound and its collaborators into unexplored territory." said Wonderbound Artistic Director Garrett Ammon, "We are humbled to be working with a collection of Colorado's finest musicians to create new experiences that obliterate boundaries between mediums and we look forward to further exploring our common human bond through these unique endeavors."

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