Turkish Stripper and Belly Dancer, Aiche Nana, Dies at at 78

Turkish Stripper and Belly Dancer, Aiche Nana, Dies at at 78

Aiche Nana, Turkish actress and stripper who inspired the classic film La Dolce Vita, passed away at the age of 78. She died in a hospital in Rome.

Nana moved to France and then in Italy, becoming a belly dancer in 1956, also participated in two films.

On November 5, 1958 at a restaurant in Trastevere, the Rugantino , attended by Italian and foreign celebrities during the party for the twenty-fifth birthday of Countess Olghina Robilant , improvised a striptease that was immortalized by photographer Tazio Secchiaroli, at the end of which Nana stayed with the only black panties.

The fact was recalled two years later by Federico Fellini in his famous film The sweet life .

Following the dancer was "captive" of quell'accaduto and, despite the attempt to pursue an acting career (she participated with 13 other films from 1965 to 1985) was unable to break away from that cliche.

In 2008 she denounced the director Pier Francesco Pingitore and Massimo Donelli for defamation, because in fiction Life paparazzi reconstruction of the famous striptease from her was found not to comply with it, the director was acquitted in December 2013 .

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