TrancenDanceGroup Presents UNVEILED SOULS, 11/10 & 11


Now in its third season, TrancenDanceGroup announces the fall performances of "Unveiled Souls" at the Manhattan Movement and Arts Center tonight, November 10th and the 11th, featuring the world premiere of company director/choreographer Gabriel Chajnik's Crescent and full, and G*D, a multimedia dance work in progress about a holocaust survivor. "Unveiled Souls " presents two microcosms of human frailty and hope, communicated through provocative and emotionally charged choreography that is sometimes poetic, sometimes edgy. Music ranges from an original score by musician and Grammy Award-winning producer Barry Goldstein commissioned for TrancenDanceGroup to pieces by Henryk Gorecky, Ernst Bloch, and others.

In addition to the two performances, the dance company holds its gala following the Saturday performance. A master class to be held on Sunday afternoon and led by company member and rehearsal assistant Jennifer Roit offers the opportunity to learn movement from the above new work.

One choreographer. Seven dancers. Two different yet emotionally connected works. 

TrancenDanceGroup's "Unveiled Souls" plays tonight, November 10, 2012 at 7:00 PM and Sunday, November 11, 2012 at 5:00 PM, with a gala immediately following the performance on November 10, 2012. There will be a master class on November 11, 2012 at 3:00 pm. The Manhattan Movement and Arts Center is located at 248 West 60th Street, New York, NY.

"We are excited to share these new works with audiences this November," said Company Director Gabriel Chajnik. "When Hector Zaraspe, whom I studied with at Juilliard, first encouraged me to form a dance company, I knew that the goal of the company would be for our audiences to experience the Art of Dance in its full potentiality and transformative power. As a company, we strive to create dances that provide the observer insight into the human soul, using movement as a narrative through which different aspects of human interaction can be experienced. As we enter our third season as a company, it is especially rewarding for me to present the first glimpse of G*D, which has provided me the great joy of working once again with my mentor."

Crescent and full is a four section work for six dancers exploring light, sound, and energy, and their effects on perception and experience. Incorporating digital movement design by Aby Diaz, whose work was part of the recent 2012 DUMBO Arts Festival, the music for the piece is an original composition written for the company by musician and Grammy Award-winning producer Barry Goldstein. Featured company dancers include Gabriel Chajnik, Michael Dauer, Michael Crawford, Jessica Black, Michelle Joy, and Jennifer Roit.

G*D is a multimedia work in progress which portrays the compelling tale of survival of a Jewish father and his family during the Nazi regime in Poland. The complete work will receive its premiere in New York in 2013; the November concerts present a fragment draft performed to music by Henryk Gorecky, Ernst Bloch, and others. G*D is based on the true story of the late Haim Tzvi Rosmarim, a survivor of the Jewish Holocaust, written by his daughter Hannah Rosmarim Steinhaus. The work depicts the emotional state of the family from the time of their escape from their burning home town of Rowno (now the Ukraine), to their survival by living in a hole they dug in the ground in a barn after being unable to find a safe house, and finally, after a year and a half, liberation. The piece is danced by Jennifer Roit, Michael Dauer, Erin Gallagher, Michelle Joy, Jessica Black, and Ray Keller. Mr. Chajnik, who is related to Rosmarims, will follow the work with a brief Q & A.