Tiffany's Dance Academy Hosts First Annual Benefit Gala Tonight

Tiffany's Dance Academy Hosts First Annual Benefit Gala Tonight

Livermore, CA

Tiffany's Dance Academy is proud to announce that it is joining with the nonprofit organization, Raising the Barre, to host their first annual benefit gala, Changing Lives Through Dance. The event will showcase the accomplishments of Raising the Barre candidates over the past year. This benefit gala will be held tonight, May 23rd at the Veteran's Memorial Building, located at 522 S L St, Livermore, CA 94550.

Raising the Barre, is a non-profit organization started by Tiffany Henderson and Tiffany's Dance Academy, which aims to better the community through dance. The organization is geared towards dancers ages 11-18 (5th grade and up) and its goal is to provide Raising the Barre candidates with the skills and opportunities they need to make them compassionate, responsible, confident and strong leaders. Raising the Barre students must complete service and session hours as assigned by a faculty member who mentors them through their projects.

Tiffany Henderson, Owner of Tiffany's Dance Academy and Raising the Barre, said, "Founding and teaching at TDA has been my absolute privilege for nearly 13 years and I'm truly excited about the prospect of giving back to the community. Our first annual benefit gala will be on May 23rd and we are all so excited to celebrate the accomplishments of our Raising the Barre candidates."

The Raising the Barre candidates are broken into teams, and each team works together to give back to the community through projects designed and organized by the candidates. Earlier this month, the Raising the Barre team, REACH organized a dance-a-thon to benefit the dance program at Oakland Children's Hospital. The dancers organized two, one- hour-long sessions, recruited participants, prepared all of the music, as well as choreographed their own "follow- along" dances, which they in turn led at the dance-a-thon. The group raised almost $5,000 for their very worthwhile cause.

Another Raising the Barre team, United Performers (Team UP), raised money for Bay Area homeless through their event, "Hope for the Homeless." For the event, Joshua Jung, Taylor Matsu, Brandon Perez, and Marina and Josh Vergara performed their original choreography and practiced tap improvisation on the street at Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco. All donations collected were earned directly from tourists and other passer-bys. Then, Team UP sought out an organization that would help them turn their earnings as street performers into toiletry bags for the homeless. In this way, team UP was able to use their ability as dancers to directly affect their community in a positive way.