'THROUGH & OUT' Set for London's Greenwich Park, 12 July

'THROUGH & OUT' Set for London's Greenwich Park, 12 July

On July 12th at Greenwich Park in south east London, hundreds of people are expected to join in the hugely entertaining and energetic Through & Out: Skipping Extravaganza, a brand new commission by Greenwich Dance for Big Dance 2014, which forms part of the Royal Greenwich Festivals 2014.

Devised by choreographer Jorge Crecis, Through & Out is a cross between dance and good old fashioned rope skipping that paves the way for a new choreographic game for all comers: dancers, non-dancers, kids, adults and lookers on.

Hundreds of dance-skippers, including professional dance artists and a local community cast from across south east London will come together for an epic performance to the sounds of an original score by composer The Artist. Audiences will all be taken into the heart of the action in Greenwich Park, against the iconic backdrop of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, with an audio soundtrack on headphones which can be downloaded on to mobile phones or MP3 players in advance, providing a totally immersive experience.

Some Through & Out numbers:

121 the number of jumps per minute the dancers perform

1500 cm the length of the skipping ropes

500 people are expected to take part

440 hours of rehearsals

50 different skipping moves

4000 number of jumps each dancer performs in 30 minutes

Says choreographer and director Jorge Crecis: "The creative team behind 'Through & Out: Skipping Extravaganza' guarantee that even if we have 500 people skipping in Greenwich Park at the same time the Earth won't move out of its orbit! German professor Hans Peter Neisward has suggested that if 600 million people around the world jump at the same time, the synchronised jolt could rattle the earth's orbit enough to eliminate the effects of global warming...well, we're hoping the earth will move for everyone involved but not enough to cause a worldwide calamity! That's why we're limiting the numbers...just in case!"