San Diego Ballet Announces 2013/14 Season Opening of PRELUDES AND POETRY/ CARNIVAL OF THE ANIMALS

October 13
9:30 2013
San Diego Ballet Announces 2013/14 Season Opening of PRELUDES AND POETRY/ CARNIVAL OF THE ANIMALS

The San Diego Ballet (SDB) presents PRELUDES & POETRY & CARNIVAL OF THE ANIMALS, both by SDB's artistic director Javier Velasco. PRELUDES & POETRY will open on Friday, October 25th & 26th and CARNIVAL OF THE ANIMALS will perform on October 27th at the Lyceum Theatre in Horton Plaza, downtown San Diego.


Directed and Choreographed by Javier Velasco

October 25-26, 2013

Join us for this special San Diego Ballet primer!

Artistic Director Javier Velasco will guide audience members through the SDB aesthetic and experience. This intimate presentation will feature highlights from the San Diego Ballet repertoire and Mr. Velasco's choreography including...

SUITE ITALIENNE (Excerpt - Pas De Deux)

Dancers: Stephanie Maiorano & Maxim Tchernychev

Music: Igor Stravinsky

SUITE ITALIENNE is set to Stravinsky's piano and violin concerto of the same name. "When people think of Stravinsky they either think of the lush sounds of Firebird or the dissonance of his later works," says Velasco. "But this little gem has an enormous amount of clarity, and intimacy, AND beautiful melodies. I kept coming back to this piece over and over, but for some reason it took a while to get into our programming. I love it because it doesn't try too hard. It just sort of flows out like a clear stream. And yes, it's a tutu ballet. Classical... and romantic."


Dancers: Zoe Marinello -Kohn & Joseph Hochschild

Music: David Burge

REMINISCENCE was the final piece composed for the San Diego Ballet by composer David Burge. Mr. Burge served as resident composer for the organization for over a decade, during which he composed 10 pieces for SDB. A champion of 20th century music, and an internationally acclaimed pianist, he would often accompany the ballets himself. This piece was written for violinist Päivikki Nykter to be performed with the ballet. We are thrilled that she will be joining us for this series of performances in his memory. "We often take musical accompaniment for granted," says Velasco. "When we break it down to a single instrument onstage, we become much more aware of the relationship between dancers and that which shares the stage with them."


Dancers: Stephanie Maiorano & Joseph Hochschild

Music: Bert Turetsky

Special Guest: Douglas Jacobs

LOVE: 20 CENTS THE FIRST QUARTER-MILE is accompanied by the depression era poetry of Kenneth Fearing, together with the improvisational music of bassist Bert Turetsky. This award winning piece can be a different experience from performance to performance. "Just as we take accompaniment for granted, we also take for granted that dancers and musicians are somehow supposed to "mirror" each other," says Velasco. "In this piece, the dancers need to be aware and listen, because much of it is done to text and improvised music. There are sections in silence. The performers have to relate to each other or it doesn't work. And as thrilled as we are to have Bert performing with us, we are equally thrilled to have the San Diego Rep's Founding Artistic Director Douglas Jacobs reading the text."


Dancers: Members of the San Diego Ballet

HOW HIGH THE MOON is one of the types of pieces SDB has become known for. Bright. Bouncy. Jazzy. And fun!..."I heard the music of Les Paul and Mary Ford a few years back," says Velasco. "The clarity and intricacy of the early electric guitar experimentation just sounded like a natural accompaniment to the precision of the pointe work used in ballet. What a better marriage than the steel strings of a guitar and the steely toes of a ballerina? I didn't realize until after I chose these pieces that they featured guitars as main instruments. Maybe we should have called this show POINTE SHOES AND PICKS or TUTUS AND TWELVE STRINGS or ..."

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