STAGE TUBE: Hubbard Street Dance Chicago and Alonzo King LINES Ballet Merge Talents

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Both companies, joined together onstage, will form a supergroup of contemporary and neoclassical dancers. While LINES Ballet's signature style is unique to King's company, Hubbard Street has proved its fluency in King's work, in performances of his Following the Subtle Current Upstream, created for Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater in 2000 and in repertory at Hubbard Street since 2011.

Hubbard Street Artistic Director Glenn Edgerton originally proposed the idea to Alonzo King for a collaboration during a visit to LINES Ballet's studios in San Francisco. He notes how King "was challenging the LINES dancers in such a wonderful way, and I thought, 'I would like our dancers to experience that.' The process has exceeded the hopes I had for our collaboration. We look forward to bringing the work to dance-lovers across the country this spring." Says Alonzo King, "Hubbard Street and LINES Ballet are uniting to build something that hasn't been built before. We will have the opportunity to re-examine how to communicate ideas clearly and how to inculcate the best qualities of humanity into movement."

Along with providing a creative development experience for Alonzo King and all of the artists involved, Hubbard Street recognizes this collaboration as an important opportunity to diversify its repertoire and, accordingly, to grow its audience. King is known for drawing inspiration for his works from diverse cultural traditions, for combining a kinetic, neoclassical extension of ballet with a broad spectrum of points of reference, aesthetic vocabularies and techniques. Based on the success of this collaboration, Hubbard Street hopes to use it as a model for future collaborations with other dance organizations.

Video by Jessie Ryan and Jennifer Lott, Claire Trevor School of the Arts, University of California, Irvine. For more information, visit and

STAGE TUBE: Hubbard Street Dance Chicago and Alonzo King LINES Ballet Merge Talents


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