John Cassese The Dance Doctor Celebrates 30 Years in Los Angeles

John Cassese The Dance Doctor Celebrates 30 Years in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA

John Cassese is well known among dance studios. His dance studio teaches everything from salsa dancing to ballroom dancing. His list of celebrity students ranges from U2's The Edge to classy women like Elizabeth Hurley. Corporate clients include powerhouses such as Sony, Paramount and Twentieth Century Fox. Popular dance lessons include ballroom dance lessons, fox trot lessons, ballroom dancing lessons, ballet lessons, tango lessons, swing dance lessons, country dance lessons, line dancing lessons, belly dancing lessons, Arabic dance lessons, bachata dance lessons, salsa lessons, samba lessons, merengue lessons, rumba lessons, mambo dance lessons, bolero dance lessons, Viennese Waltz, waltz lessons, tap dance lessons, street dance lessons, hip hop dance lessons, the hustle dance lessons and Lindy hop dance lessons. For a complete list of all dance lessons offered please visit the website at or call John Cassese direct at 310-459-2264.

The Dance will teaches students to dance. John Cassese's professional staff can handle beginner, intermediate or advanced dancers. John Cassese says "If you can walk, you can dance!" He has proven this statement over and over again for over 30 years. His dance studio is located in the heart of Los Angeles in beautiful Santa Monica, just minutes from the beach. His dance classes are tailored personally for the student.

One of the most popular reasons for learning to dance is for the wedding dance. The wedding dance is a beautiful moment to see a couple's passion and glory. John Cassese relishes these moments. He knows that couples will be carrying these moments with them for the rest of their lives. Preparing for the wedding dance is something that the Dance Doctor can make easy. Wedding dance lessons are a favorite among John Cassese's staff. Celebrities that were taught their wedding dance lessons by John Cassese include Adam Sandler and U2's The Edge.

From adult dance lessons to dance classes for kids, the Dance doctor can help students learn to dance. John Cassese's professional staff is the best in class. John Cassese has received the highest compliments from celebrities such as Adam Sandler and Sir Ben Kingsley. John Cassese believes that everyone has the ability to dance. For more information on celebrities and production studios that John Cassese has worked with, please visit his website at or call John Cassese direct at 310-459-2264.