Horse Trade Theater Group presents the 2010 Burlesque Blitz

Horse Trade Theater Group presents the 2010 Burlesque Blitz

After the roaring success of last year's Burlesque Blitz, the best burlesque producers in New York return to the Kraine for four nights of winter hotness! Recover from your stressful holiday season with sizzling hot performances courtesy of Bastard Keith, Meaner Harder Leather, The Sweet & Nasty Burlesque Mystery Hour, and a special holiday edition of Revealed!

Featuring the steaming hot talents of Bastard Keith, Cheeky Lane, Christopher Bousquet, Darlinda Just Darlinda, Gal Friday, GiGi La Femme, Go-Go Harder, Harvest Moon, Kobayashi Maru, Lacey Knickers, Madame Rosebud, Matthew Holtzclaw, Melody Sweets, Michael Johnson, Minnie Tonka, Misty Meaner, Mocha Lite, Ruby Valentine, Stormy Leather, Tigger! Victoria Privates, and more!

The 2010 Burlesque Blitz will run December 27-30 at 10:30pm in The Kraine Theater (85 East 4th Street between 2nd Ave and Bowery). Tickets to all shows ($15) may be purchased online at or by calling 212-868-4444.

Bastard Keith presents
A Tale of Two Bastards: A Jewlesque Fable
Monday, December 27 @ 10:30pm
A Tale of Two Bastards is a holiday treat from the mind of MC, bon vivant and man of action, Bastard Keith. An homage to his favorite classic musicals, this tale of crime, mistaken identity and old-time burley gathers the talents of Darlinda Just Darlinda, Minnie Tonka, Madame Rosebud, Gal Friday, ace magician Matthew Holtzclaw, and Keith himself. A show as delightful, flavorful and festive as mulled cider and matzoh balls, A Tale of Two Bastards will leave you grinning, humming, tapping your toes and gently massaging your crotch.

Misty Meaner, Stormy Leather & Go-Go Harder present
Meaner Harder Leather... Burlesque With A Twist
Tuesday, December 28 @ 10:30pm
In the spring of 2010, Misty Meaner and Stormy Leather's love affair gave birth to a beautiful, baby-butt smooth boy, Go-Go Harder. Since then, this trio of sexual ambiguity has literally been taking NYC by the family jewels. Uniting Drag, Burlesque and Boylesque, MEANER HARDER LEATHER brings you one of the most exciting shows in Manhattan! With your GLAMMY NOMINATED hosts, a variety of classic and scandalous performances, and a roster of talented guest stars, it's sure to leave your seat wet and your heart curious... Hosted by Misty Meaner, Go-Go Harder & Stormy Leather. Guest starring The Bendable Christopher Bousquet; The Shimmering Chanteuse of Burlesque, Melody Sweets; The Chocolate Queen With a Touch of Cream, Mocha Lite; The Bad Boy with a Heart of Gold, Richert Rocket, with Lacey Knickers as your stage kitten.