GOLD SHOW | ROSE SHOW Returns for New Works in Austin This Weekend

May 29
12:30 2014
GOLD SHOW | ROSE SHOW Returns for New Works in Austin This Weekend

Austin, TX -- Recognized last year by the Austin Chronicle as one of the Top Dance Performances of 2013, Gold Show|Rose Show, a co-production from Heloise Gold and Julie Nathanielsz, returns for a second year as a one-weekend presentation of New Works. The evening boldly weaves a riveting program of dance, film and performance in collaboration with local and international artists. Performances will be held today, May 29 - June 1, (Thursday - Saturday 8:00 pm, Sunday 2:00 pm) at Galaxy Studio, 1700 S. Lamar Blvd., Ste. 338. Limited seating is available and early ticket purchase is recommended.

Renowned, award-winning artists Heloise Gold and Julie Nathanielsz have collaborated for years on a variety of projects, but The Gold Show|Rose Show last year marked the first time the duo co-produced a performance. The performance was put together with an interest in looking at whether their works - stemming from individual histories - shared commonalities in theme or process.

Through the process of the first year, Gold and Nathanielsz discovered that what ties their work together are perhaps three elements: that their works source from everyday experience and observation, arise from a trust in the body's mysterious stories and movements, and that what is revealed is non-idiomatic works that highlight theatricality of the body itself. Sharing mundane production tasks, that's a bonus.

Gold Show|Rose Show again incorporates an evocative mix of voice, sound, dance, experimental film and music in order to explore various themes; the essence of play, spontaneity, nature, and relationships among others. Audiences will be transfixed by playful, powerful and moving performances.

The evening spotlights Heloise Gold's ardent commitment to collaboration in the making of performance works. The show includes two collaborative duets, one with actor Jason Phelps and one with dancer Elaine Dove. Embracing the unpredictable is what drives the creative process in each work. What gets created when people get together and play? The two duos convey a dedication to spontaneity, distillation, and presence.

The Sound That Shook The World embodies the extremes of fake opera, the grittiness of punk rock, and the subtlety of a hum. Hips and Jet Streams is a collision of Middle Eastern dance with unforeseen quirks of fate. A short experimental film and slide show, Black Stockings, in collaboration with Diana Prechter and Rich Armington is also on the program. The environment creates sensation, and visuals are the conduit.

Julie Nathanielsz' primary current interest is in the origins, arrival, and also usefulness, of rhythm, cadence and gesture in the body. Her signature solo Yo, Genesis, investigates these themes. Partly developed in residence at Saaren Karteno, Finland, it features an original composition by Maija Hynninnen, and light by Natalie George. Also on the program, special guest Margery Segal makes her comeback as a performing and creative artist in The Backup Dancer: Bits and Acts from the Night Train, a set-to of montages drawn from contemporary and backup dance moves. Music is the madness that fuels this landscape. Expect quirky moves and transportation throughout the scaffolding of the simple pleasures of dancing, from Segal and Nathanielsz.

Seating is limited and early ticket purchased is encouraged. Tickets can be purchased online or by calling (512) 669-6985.


"Front and center in Heloise's creations: her commitment to experimentation; her trust in the intelligence of the body; her love of the absurd; her passion for collaboration...." Heloise Gold's performance career traverses numerous paths beginning with childhood appearances with the Bolshoi Ballet (1962) to performing in Robert Wilson's legendary 12 hour opera The Life And Times Of Joseph Stalin (1973); to participating in many experimental happenings in NYC in the 1970's. Heloise moved to Austin in 1978 and has since created a steady body of work as a performing artist, dancer, choreographer and comedian. Her arrival to the Austin cultural landscape began at a high professional level and saw Heloise dancing and touring with the Deborah Hay Dance Company (1980-1985). Parallel to and additional to this activity, Heloise created her own original full-length works and became known as one of Austin's premiere performance artists, being a key player in the experimental work developed in the 1980's and 1990's. A fertile and generative artistic relationship in the early '90's with electronic/ New Music pioneer Pauline Oliveros took Gold around the world in both performance and teaching capacities (1991 to 2011). The conclusion of this deeply informative artistic partnership has brought Heloise's creative focus back home to Austin in recent years and has seen the artist collaborate with many of Austin's current performance visionaries. Website:

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