Bennett Rink Named Alvin Ailey Executive Director

Bennett Rink Named Alvin Ailey Executive Director

The Alvin Ailey Dance Foundation today announced that after an international search to identify a new Executive Director, the Board of Trustees has chosen to continue the Ailey tradition of passing on leadership from one generation of the organization to the next by naming Bennett Rink to the post. Mr. Rink, Ailey's current Senior Director of Development and External Affairs, will succeed Sharon Gersten Luckman, who hired him in 1994, and who announced at the beginning of 2012 that she would step aside as Executive Director at the beginning of 2013.

"The Board's search committee reviewed a roster of outstanding candidates, but we found that the best of all was here at home," said Joan H. Weill, Chairman of the Board of Trustees. "Bennett Rink long ago won the trust and respect of the entire Ailey organization, which he has come to know inside and out working side-by-side with Sharon Luckman over the past eighteen years. Following the standard set by Sharon, we look forward to Bennett's brilliant leadership and are excited about the future as she passes the torch to him."

Sharon Gersten Luckman stated, "I could not be more thrilled with this richly deserved appointment. I've witnessed Bennett's continual growth and achievements as an extraordinary arts administrator. He's a master at working in a collaborative way and has established positive relationships throughout Ailey's constituents, from artistic staff to corporate sponsors. He's a strategic thinker with a clear focus on achieving important goals. Bennett is very ready to be a strong leader of this multifaceted Ailey organization."

Robert Battle, Artistic Director of Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, commented, "I look forward to working with Bennett, continuing the tradition of partnering with a great Executive Director. He has been an integral part of the Ailey family, with a remarkable combination of skills, character and dedication to the organization's success. As we take the next steps on Ailey's journey, I have complete confidence in Bennett and the important role he will play in our future."

Bennett Rink stated, "I'm honored and grateful to Joan, the Board, Robert, and everyone at Ailey but particularly Sharon who has been an extraordinary mentor to me over the years. She exemplifies the passion, commitment and singular focus that have been such an integral part of this organization since the days of Mr. Ailey himself. I cherish the great legacy I am being entrusted with and I intend to keep it vital and growing for the sake of our dancers and teachers, our students of all ages and our wonderful audiences around the world."