Balletlab to Present AND ALL THINGS RETURN TO NATURE TOMORROW, March 15-23

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Phillip Adams and guest choreographer Brooke Stamp's distinctive double bill And All Things Return To Nature Tomorrow has its world premiere in March 2013 at the Lawler at MTC's Southbank Theatre.

From utopian impulses to alien abduction, thisimmersive performance draws together dance, sound, set design and costume to envelope audiences into a mind-expanding, otherworldly, cathartic experience. Building on Adams' passion for collaboration across art forms, the performance features a surround sound system and score designed by internationally regarded composer Dr Garth Paine, clothing by Melbourne designer Susan Dimasi from Materialbyproduct, and stage design from architect Matthew Bird. Each choreographer will perform in their own piece alongside sublime dancers Deanne Butterworth, Rennie McDougall and Matthew Day. The performance is a participant in the L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival Cultural Program.

Beginning with concepts of sound frequency and vibrational transmission as the manifestation of all life and matter, Brooke Stamp's And All Things Return To Nature explores fundamental scientific and mystic ideologies on the inherent sound or rhythmic hum that permeates the universe beyond the realm of human hearing. With composer Garth Paine, the work explores a kinetically charged field of sound and vibrational energy as a construct of 'being'. The performers wear Dimasi's tailored couture, which will evolve in parallel with the improvised performance as a consequence of the dancers' sweat, tear and force - a new paradigm around the evolution of a fashion garment.

Based on his experiences in the Integratron, an acoustically perfect tabernacle in the Mojave Desert built in the 1950s near a supposed UFO landing site, and his esoteric research into alien abduction, Phillip Adams' Tomorrow recreates a transformative sensory experience. Members of the audience are incorporated into the performance, participating in an architectural build of the set, and then are reclined into the installation, surrendering to an abduction experience. Performed fully nude, Tomorrow returns us to nature, the ultimate utopia.

And All Things Return To Nature Tomorrow celebrates the long-term artistic relationship between Adams and Stamp, and their common interest in hybrid forms of performance art crossing dance, music and design. The workhas been created across several development sessions including a recording session at the Integratron in California and a three week residency at the Centre de Création Choréographique Luxembourgeois in Luxembourg. Brooke Stamp is the recipient of BalletLab's inaugural Emerging Choreographer Commission.

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