BWW Recap: DANCING WITH THE STARS Week 5 - Who Rocked, Who Bombed, and Who Went Home?

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BroadwayWorld TV has a detailed recap of tonights new episode including comments on the dances by Contributing Editor Alan Aronshtam, what to work on tips for the dancers, and the judges scores!

And... the couple sent home is... Christina and Mark!


Christina was in the zone this week! She had the attitude and the performance down. I wish that it had translated into her footwork as well, which was lacking in overall quality. The energy also seemed to die about halfway through the number.

What to Work On: Tackle that footwork in time for next week, please!

Carrie Ann Inaba Len Goodman Bruno Tonioli
9 10 9


Jack and Cheryl: Waltz

Jack is back in the ballroom style this week. His waltz was very graceful and focused.You can tell that Cheryl and Jack have been really working on the footwork and dancing together. Overall a beautiful number, and great to watch.

What to Work On: Dance with more emotions!

Carrie Ann Inaba Len Goodman Bruno Tonioli
9 9 9


Leah and Tony: Contemporary

You could tell Tony had never done contemporary before. This one really missed the mark and was all over the place. They had a (overdone, but) good theme that could have worked if the execution was up to par.

What to Work On:

Carrie Ann Inaba Len Goodman Bruno Tonioli
7 7 8


Corbin and Karina: Foxtrot

Another stunning performance from my favorite dancer and front runner Corbin! Not only does he present himself as a dancer on the floor, but his technique and lines tonight were excellent. The beautiful trick at the end of their routine was stunning, and executed perfectly.

What to Work On: Nothing! Just keep practicing!

Carrie Ann Inaba Len Goodman Bruno Tonioli
9 9 10

Bill and Emma: Viennese Waltz

What can I say? I'm not a fan of Bill's dancing, and think he should have gone home right after Bill N. This week was his most passable performance on the show but he's not as strong as the other dancers. I don't think it's fair for him to be on the show against people who are much more talented than him.

What to Work On: Keep the bowling arms on the bowling alley.

Carrie Ann Inaba Len Goodman Bruno Tonioli
8 8 8

Snooki and Sasha: Jazz

When did Jazz become a ballroom dance? Plus there was little/no Jazz involved anyways! I call that hip-hop/club dancing. Frankly, it was fun to watch and entertaining and all that, but I'm here to score/rate technical dancing. There is no technique involved with that, so I won't comment further.

What to Work On: Snooki doesn't need tips to "Club Dance"

Carrie Ann Inaba Len Goodman Bruno Tonioli
9 9 9

Brant and Peta: Contemporary

Overall a decent number. I don't think it was very memorable though, so Brant will struggle with the voters this week. I disagree with Len and Carrie Ann, I found it to be severely lacking passion. Maybe you had to be there to feel it?

What to Work On: Choreography and the Passion.

Carrie Ann Inaba Len Goodman Bruno Tonioli
9 9 9

Amber and Derek: Foxtrot

Tonight wasn't Amber's strongest night, at all! I was a little disappointed in her considering I've been cheering for her from the start! I feel like both she and Derek just missed the ball on this one. I don't know what Bruno saw of Broadway in this number, but I completely disagree!

What to Work On: Technique! It'll go a long way!

Carrie Ann Inaba Len Goodman Bruno Tonioli
9 7 10


Elizabeth and Val: Jive

The skit at the beginning of the dance made absolutely no sense! Jive pills?! Really? Besides that, the jive itself wan't great. Val said he got the moves from exercise videos, but I've never seen a video of that type as bad as that! Len, if you thought those kicks were sharp, you need to get your spectacles checked!

What to Work On: Dancing, not jumping!

Carrie Ann Inaba Len Goodman Bruno Tonioli
8 9 9

Make sure to check BWW TV this fall after each episode for a detailed recap and analysis of each episode by BroadwayWorld Contributor Alan Aronshtam.

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