BWW Recap: DANCING WITH THE STARS Week 4 - Who rocked, who bombed, and who went home?

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BroadwayWorld TV has a detailed recap of tonights new episode including comments on the dances by Contributing Editor Alan Aronshtam, what to work on tips for the dancers, and the judges scores!

The BroadwayWorld Live Blogging of Dancing with the Stars continues tonight after a one week hiatus. I am thrilled to be back - recapping the events as they happen, along with the judges scores, and commentary on the performances.

Last week we lost our favorite science guy, Bill Nye. Nye seriously struggled after sustaining a severe injury. Even though he was praised for his guts to continue competing with his peg-like leg, his dancing lacked quality - and he was sent home in the third week of competition.

Tonight's show will begin with a group danced choreographed Ray Leeper. Julianne Hough (two time professional champion) returns to the ballroom this evening as a guest judge, filling in for Len Goodman during his absence.

8:00 PM - Dreamgirls' "Move" is the song of choice for the opening number. The interpretation of this Broadway song felt a little low-energy for my taste. Hopefully the rest of the night has a little bit more umph.

8:04 PM - The judges take their seats, and guest judge Julianne is getting a little screen time.

8:10 PM - Jack just finished blowing us away with a very decent quick step.

8:12 PM - And that's three 8's for Jack and Cheryl, giving them a total of 24/30! The detailed dance commentary is already online below, and will be available immediately after every scored dance!

8:16 PM - Still on commercial! To see what is going down in the ballroom, check out DWTS on Twitter.

8:19 PM - Elizabeth and Val are making kissy face in their pre-dance cutaway! Apparently they are deeply connected!

8:22 PM - What a stunning dance by Val and Elizabeth! The judges comments are totally spot on! We'll see if the scores match!

8:24 PM - And that's 27/30 for Elizabeth and Val! We're being warned of other injuries on the show! Who do you think is hurt? Tweet me @alanaronshtam with your comments!

8:29 PM - Brant and Peta are about to Salsa! (21/30) There is some drama going on with a long-term injury Brant has with his shoulder!

8:35 PM - Just saw a train wreck of a Salsa. More details on the recap below, now it's time for a commercial break!

8:42 PM - We're back! Julianne, your sweetness is going to give everyone high blood sugar.

8:46 PM - Another inspiring, if not technically sound performance from Valerie.

8:48 PM - That's 18/30 for Valerie! Vote to keep them on if your a fan!

8:50 PM - Leah and Tony wanna show some skin... Leah is looking a little frazzled and wants less moves and to do some hand stuff. Tony gets even by giving her more moves. Classic.

8:53 PM - All these food product commercials made me go and refresh my sack pile. Has anyone tried Pop Corners chips? So good and supposedly healthy. What do you like to snack on during the show? Tweet your replies @alanaronshtam.

9:00 PM - Ridiculously high scores for Leah and Tony. The first hour is now up!

9:03 PM - Corbin is dancing right now! If that's not a 10, I don't know what is!

9:06 PM - Really? Corbin gets 27/30? Your saying he and Leah were equally good? This scoring system is messed up - and isn't consistent at all.

9:12 PM - Snooki is really playing up her sickness. For god sake, your coughing, not dying!

9:17 PM - I am outraged by the scoring tonight. Snooki was not even close to as good as Jack but their scores are the same. Time for a commercial!

9:22 PM - Christina is getting all spazzy on Mark in their pre-dance cutaway scene. Let's hope their dance is good!

9:27 PM - Christina and Mark did a great job tonight! 24/30 is their final score! Time for (another?!) commercial break!

9:33 PM - Amber was really struggling this week with her knees. Here's hoping it doesn't show in her dancing!

9:37 PM - It didn't! Amber was fantastic and got a well deserved 27/30! Time for another commercial break! We're nearing the home stretch!

9:43 PM - Bill and Emma are up next dancing the Samba!

9:50 PM - Well the... Samba?... was not so great. Time for another commercial before we find out who is going home.

10:00 PM - And the couple going home is VALERIE AND TRISTAN! I am very sad to see her go, especially when Bill danced considerably worse this week. Valerie has been so inspiring on this show and I'm hoping they bring her back in some capacity in the coming weeks. (Did anyone else notice Bill Nye's cameo?)


Jack and Cheryl seemed to not get on as well as before in this weeks cutaway scene before their dance (Jack seems a little obsessed with Corbin!) Getting down to business, I was very impressed with Jack's footwork this evening. I really want to see him get a little more confident on the dance floor, because the only thing holding him back is not being sure of himself!

What to Work On: Don't be so tough on yourself! Your doing fine!

Carrie Ann Inaba Julianne Hough Bruno Tonioli
8 8 8

ELIZABETH AND VAL: Argentine Tango

Elizabeth really captured the essence of this dance tonight. I really enjoyed watching her and if I didn't know better would have said she'd been competing for a long time. Her lines were absolutely stunning, along with a brilliant concept and lighting design.

What to Work On: Keep doing what your doing!

Carrie Ann Inaba Julianne Hough Bruno Tonioli
9 9 9


BRANT AND PETA: SalsaBWW Recap: DANCING WITH THE STARS Week 2 - Who rocked, who bombed, and who went home?

I really wasn't feeling this one. Didn't like the choreography very much, the music didn't fit the style, and neither did the dancing. I completely agree with Carrie Ann (minus the shirtless thing, Brant can keep his shirt on, really) on the dancing. I think the judges were to generous on this one.

What to Work On: Find a professional who'll play to your strengths. Peta did you a disservice tonight.

Carrie Ann Inaba Julianne Hough Bruno Tonioli
7 7 7


One of my favorite songs of last year! What can I say about Valerie? She's not the strongest dancers and at her age it's not easy to keep up. However, you can tell she's thrilled to be there and loving what she's doing! Jack should borrow some of her passion from her!

What to Work On: Bruno gave some solid advice! I have nothing to add.

Carrie Ann Inaba Julianne Hough Bruno Tonioli
6 6 6


This number felt pretty weak and low energy. Leah had a camera close-up in the middle and looked as though she was about to die. I'd like to see her smile, once. I disagree with the judges tonight, I didn't feel like she was in the zone at all.

What to Work On: This week you lost both the confidence and technique! Bring them back!

Carrie Ann Inaba Julianne Hough Bruno Tonioli
8 8 8


Absolutely my favorite couple! Corbin and Karina just look like they've been dancing together for ages. You can see that every motion Corbin carries out is meticulously planned. Carrie Ann, stop nit picking! Seriously.

What to Work On: Just keep doing exactly what your doing!

Carrie Ann Inaba Julianne Hough Bruno Tonioli
9 9 9

SNOOKI AND SASHA: JiveBWW Recap: DANCING WITH THE STARS Week 2 - Who rocked, who bombed, and who went home?

This was ultra disappointing. Snooki's foot work was basically atrocious, and she really played up her sickness. For god sakes, she's coughing, not dying! Julianne was way too nice - Len would have been all over this dance.

What to Work On: Footwork! Footwork! Footwork!

Carrie Ann Inaba Julianne Hough Bruno Tonioli
8 8 8



Now this is what I'm talking about! Great production values, and fantastic dancing! Christina and Mark were on fire! Sometimes you risk losing the technique in the story/production vlaues, but this number was perfectly balanced.

What to Work On: I agree with Carrie Ann. Christina needs to watch her shoulders.

Carrie Ann Inaba Julianne Hough Bruno Tonioli
8 8 8


AMBER AND DEREK: TangoBWW Recap: DANCING WITH THE STARS Week 2 - Who rocked, who bombed, and who went home?

Amber was very technical this week, and I really enjoyed her no-gimmick performance! I know she had little rehearsal time, but I'd like to see her more sure of herself - because confidence really comes across on the dance floor.

What to Work On: Confidence!

Carrie Ann Inaba Julianne Hough Bruno Tonioli
9 9 9


BILL AND EMMA: SambaBWW Recap: DANCING WITH THE STARS Week 2 - Who rocked, who bombed, and who went home?

Bill said his hips would be moving, but they weren't! He did shake his but a little though, but that's not how you dance the samba. Personally, I feel like Bill should go home, because he is the weakest dance on the show as of right now - and no ammount of lighitng, clothes, and props will change that.

What to Work On: I don't even know where to begin...

Carrie Ann Inaba Julianne Hough Bruno Tonioli
7 7 7

Make sure to check BWW TV this fall after each episode for a detailed recap and analysis of each episode by BroadwayWorld Contributor Alan Aronshtam.

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