2017 WAVE RISING SERIES Comes to 92 Y Harkness Dance Center

2017 WAVE RISING SERIES Comes to 92 Y Harkness Dance Center

2017 WAVE RISING SERIES Comes to 92 Y Harkness Dance Center

The 92Y Harkness Dance Center and WHITE WAVE Dance are proud to present the 2017 Wave Rising Series at the 92Y's historic Buttenwieser Hall.

WHITE WAVE Dance, led by choreographer Young Soon Kim, curates our 11th Annual Wave Rising Series featuring 16 of today's rising and eminent dancemakers from Italy and the across the USA. The Series provides a rare opportunity for choreographers, through an adjudication process by prominent figures from the dance community, to present their work to New York City's vital dance audience.

In 2006, WAVE RISING SERIES started by presenting local companies, now features innovative dancemakers from around the world. The superb national and international companies are given 20 minutes each on a shared bill, performing twice over the course of the two weekend festival.

Channel 13 NYC ARTS paid homage to our WAVE RISING SERIES, highlighting it as a gathering of "innovative dancemakers from around the world," and praised the SERIES for presenting "an eclectic range of dance companies who have been selected for their artistic growth or visionary independent productions."

OPENING NIGHTS: Celebrating 11th Annual WRS Opening Night will be on June 7th and the evening starts at 8:30pm with LaneCoArts (Searching for a Phase Change), Mei Yamanaka (now now), Oniin Dance Company (COR-O2, PHONÈ (W)), Miki Orihara (Broken Memory), VADCO/Valerie Alpert Dance Company (Until Home), and WHITE WAVE Young Soon Kim Dance Company (iyouuswe (excerpts)).

The performance will be followed by a Q&A session and a reception that will give guests the chance to mingle and dance with the artists!

OPENING NIGHT: Friday, July 7th at 8:30PM

LaneCoArts (Searching for a Phase Change)

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