2012 Roll Call: Dance World Farewell - A Final Goodbye to Those Who Passed Away in 2012

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As we approach the end of 2012 Broadway Dance World would like to pay tribute to those who passed away this year.

Besides dancers they were teachers, musicians, scene designers, composers, administrators, writers, producers, scene designers and board members. Some were very prominent, others had fleeting careers. It does not make a difference. They gave of themselves and for that alone we owe them our gratitude.

While we have tried to be as inclusive as possible, there are names we may have overlooked. If you have a name that you would like included please write to us.

To all those cited below we thank you for your contributions to the dance world. We will not see your likes again.

Richard Adler

Frances Alenikoff

Ivan Allen

Honey Baer

Ralph Beaumont

Zina Bethune

Lois Bewley

Beverley Boezman

Gwen Bowen

Olympia Bradna

Veronica Bravo

Richard Busczynski

Elliott Carter

Remy Charlip

Louise Charney

Mary Rita Costin

John Cowles, Jr.

Richard Cragun

Richard Nelson Current

Sonia D'Ancona Peterson

Vivian Lee Davis

Thomas Debartolo

Georgia Delano

Bonnie Lynn Fields

Hugo Fiorato

Gloria Fokine

Niles Ford

Peter Garrick

Glenn Griffin

Joseph Hazan

Eunice Healey

Christina Heimlich

Hans Werner Henze

Whit Kellogg

Alan Kriegsman

Beatrice Lamb

Moscelyne Larkin

Lenore Latimer

Jeni LeGon

Susan Luckey

Carol Lydecker-Dwyer

Judith Martin

Paul Maure

Dorothy Margaret Meiser

Yvonne Mounsey

Carole Newman

Shaun O'Brien

Mitzi Olson

Sasha Pressman

Carolyn Pullis

Martin Richards

Marion Schlegel

Martin Segal

Maurice Sendak

Ravi Shankar

Lee Stemer

Phyllis Sukalec

Dorothea Tanning

Miguel Terekhov

John Udry

Rudi van Dantzig

Armgard von Bardeleben

Lea Wallace

Florence Warren

Ethel Winter

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