Pacific Theatre Presents Annual SIDESHOW Improv Nights This Weekend

Pacific Theatre Presents Annual SIDESHOW Improv Nights This Weekend

It's time for another round of comedy improv - with a musical twist. Pacific Theatre will present its annual comedy improv night, SIDESHOW, this year with an added bonus: music! Every year the troupes gather around Pacific Theatre's unique alley stage for a few nights of improv comedy and fun.

According to Pacific Theatre's producer Alison Chisholm, helming Sideshow this year, that is just what this company needs, "Sideshow is the one time of year when Pacific Theatre really gets to show our comedic side. Every year we produce a season of thought-provoking shows that are funny, charming, and often edgy. This is the one time of the season when we take The Edge off and let the audience leave with nothing but a big grin and some belly laughs."

This year there is a new element landing in Sideshow: music. Musical improv is a rising star in the local improv comedy scene that is just what it sounds like - actors not only create scenes on the spot based on audience suggestions, but they create songs that are spontaneously performed, as a group.

On the challenge of musical improv, Chisholm had this to say, "as an improviser you are essentially a writer, director, and actor all at once. Now imagine if the improviser is also a songwriter, singer, and dancer. That's what we call musical improv! Definitely more challenging! Definitely more fun!"

Sideshow will be hosted by local funny man David C. Jones. Players include Alison Chisholm, Jennifer Pielak, and John Voth. Musical accompaniment provided by Peter Abando.

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