Kids 'N Comedy Presents CHRISTMAKWANZUKAH at Gotham Comedy Club, 12/16

Kids 'N Comedy Presents CHRISTMAKWANZUKAH at Gotham Comedy Club, 12/16

Kids 'N Comedy, New York's leading presenter of young comic talent, will present "Christmakwanzukah," their holiday show, December 16 at Gotham Comedy Club, 208 West 23rd Street.

Wait, do you hear that? Is that church bells in the distance? Oh, wait. No. It’s just a bunch of teenagers making fun of their Christmas sweaters and complaining about the worst gifts they ever received in the winter holiday season. Come see if that pair of socks you sent them made the list!

Kids 'N Comedy maintains a high standard of creativity by an emphasis on new work. It’s shows feature exclusive material and each show contains new writing by its young comedians that is created expressly for the varied topics of the shows. Kids 'N Comedy's monthly shows at Gotham Comedy Club offer a turntable of talented teens and 'tweens from the tri-state area. In the company's shows, each comic performs his/her own material, which is screened to be free of profanity and abrasive or crude "low" humor. They do, however, venture into edgy comic terrain: politics, getting old, even death.

"Christmakwanzukah" will feature Val Bodurtha, Connor Carroll, Leo Frampton, Rachel Kaly, Eric Kurn, Zach Rosenfeld, Lee Wolfowitz and others.

Valerie Bodurtha hails from Stamford, CT and is a tenth grader at Horace Mann. Her mom is a reporter and her dad works in finance. She has three siblings and no pets ("Had a toad but he's dead now.") Her hobbies are belly dance, tap, Irish step dance, tuvan throat singing, improv, yoga, playing guitar, banjo, and ukulele, debate, basketball and fencing. She's been in nine plays and four dance concerts and has worked as a camp counselor. She speaks English and Hebrew and is learning Spanish. Her passions include preventing the spread of fast food corporations in other countries.

Conor Carroll recently completed filming in "Ender's Game," a sci-fi thriller by Gavin Hood starring Harrison Ford, Abigail Breslin and Ben Kingsley, which is currently in post-production. He hails from Brooklyn and is the son of a retired NYPD Sergeant and a Grant Consultant/Homemaker. His hobbies include drawing comics/anime, impressions and annoying his 16 year-old brother. He has been acting since he was four years old, performing in commercials, movies ("Away We Go," "Phoebe in Wonderland," "Perfect Holiday"), TV shows and voiceovers. He's a seventh grader at Professional Children's School and something of a language lover: he's studying French, Russian and Italian. His pets include a Great Pyrenees named Luna and a Russian tortoise named Boris. He's allergic to incorrect grammar, puns and basic idiocy. His sports are Weight Lifting, Swimming and Channel Surfing.

Leo Frampton, an eleventh grader at Winston Prep in Manhattan, is the son of a teacher and a director of Art Therapy. His hobbies are video games, comedy and school. His siblings are two cats ("Not much words are exchanged, but the peer-pressure is palpable.") He has starred in a few school plays, but mostly it's comedy for him. His passion is comedy. His only sport is comedy.

Rachel Kaly, of Queens, is an eleventh grader. Her mom is a French teacher and personal trainer. She has a pretty sweet Pez collection and a younger sister. She appeared on Sweepstakes week on Conan O'Brien and has modeled for toys like Barney. She baby sits pretty frequently. Asked if she has any languages, she claims fluency in English, but calls it a close second to Sarcasm. She is allergic to bad jokes, the Tea Party and really furry cats. Her passion is making people laugh. Her sports are Basketball and juggling her dignity.