Joy Behar Dishes on Politics, Stand-Up and More

Joy Behar Dishes on Politics, Stand-Up and More

In a recent interview, Joy Behar revealed that she has veered away from talking about politics after George Bush, but has since started picking it up again. She said, "I sort of lost interest in stand-up after (former President George W.) Bush left. "I would get laughs on Bush just by quoting him. He said the stupidest thing. I just made a compilation of them, and I would read them, and people would die laughing.

"Then Obama came in, and there's nothing really to make fun of him about. He doesn't do anything really stupid."

On New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Behar admits, "I was doing some stuff on Christie the other night in Pennsylvania, and the audience was howling at it because they don't like him. But he's a walking joke, so there's so much to do there. This scandal has reactivated my glands, politically. But I talk about a lot of other stuff. I talk about things that affect women, and trips I've taken, and people I met on 'The View.' "

Behar, 71, will appear on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" on Wednesday, prior to Leno's exit next month.

Read the entire interview here.

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