Jet City Improv to Present AMERICAN GLORY, 4/3-5/23

Jet City Improv to Present AMERICAN GLORY, 4/3-5/23

Sorkin without a script? Believe it! Inspired by the work of Aaron Sorkin (The West Wing, The Social Network, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip) comes Jet City Improv's newest original feature-length comedy American Glory: the Improvised West Wing.

Every performance of American Glory tells a brand new story of morality, modernity, nostalgia, and politics, all surrounding an American institution suggested by the audience (like the evening news or baseball, which Sorkin has also covered) that will replace the White House at the center of the story.

Actors will create an episode of a Sorkin-esque show built around that institution, complete with breakneck banter and, of course, the signature walk-and-talk. Life and death and the soul of America will hang in the balance of every decision facing the featured institution, whether that institution is the Girl Scouts, the National Parks, a really good American steakhouse, or whatever else audiences may suggest.

"American Glory, like all of Sorkin's works, is about people striving toward their highest ideals instead of appealing to their basest natures," says director Chris Allen. "They're completely focused and working as hard as they can while also dealing with personal struggles of love, friendship, and loyalty. I see these types of characters making for some really great and really funny stories when applying themselves to causes other than public service under the President of the United States."

The cast features some of Seattle's best improvisers and actors: Molly Arkin (JCI's Upside Downton), Jon Axell (JCI's Upside Downton), Nathan Cox (JCI's The Adventures of Gilbert and Sullivan!), Amalia Larson (JCI's the Adventures of Gilbert and Sullivan!), Mandy Price (JCI's Upside Downton), Tim Tracey (Unexpected Productions' Skid Road), Elicia Wickstead (JCI's Upside Downton) and Douglas Willott (JCI's Election Show).

American Glory: the Improvised West Wing runs Thursday and Friday nights from Apr 3 to May 23 with a special Opening Night Gala on Apr 3 featuring a Q & A with the actors followed by complimentary cake and champagne. Tickets are $15 for general admission, $12 (with ID) for students, seniors, and military personnel and TPS members.

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