Jenny Collier Gets Dumped from Show Because of 'Too Many Women'

Jenny Collier Gets Dumped from Show Because of 'Too Many Women'

Comedian Jenny Collier received a message from Mirth Control, independent comedy booker in the UK, saying there were "too many women" and therefore, she was dropped from the show. She tweeted out the message, which almost immediately became viral and currently has almost 6,000 retweets.

This all happened on International Women's Day.

Since the incident, Mirth Control released the following statement:

"We would also like to apologise to the female comic for the email she received from our team who was expressing the view of the client unedited and perhaps a little too frankly and was inappropriate in our view in it's wording. It is true that the email fairly reflected the desire of the client for less women to appear on upcoming shows but it did not offer an alternative booking at the venue on a different date, or alternatively a booking at a different club on a different date to make up for this loss of stage time and this was wrong and not in keeping with our general way of operating. She will be offered a large number of gig opportunities by us at a range of other comedy clubs immediately in order to redress this oversight."

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