It's Not Easy Being Yellow Comedy Tour Wraps on June 11 at Leicester Square Theatre

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In March 2012, Ria Lina signed up to participate in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with little more than a show title, an audience questionnaire and an identity crisis. A year later she returns to London with the 4 Star show; albeit still in crisis. Having been dentified as the "Filipina Sarah Silverman" she realised she wasn't necessarily... Filipina. Is that allowed in an era where your colour is your culture is your comedy?

An hour of comedy from the award winning comic, inspired by the age old question "Where do you come from?", and peppered throughout with songs that are "wittily constructed, if not entirely politically correct" (Three Weeks), be prepared to keep an open mind as your perimeters of acceptability are shamelessly put on trial.

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Get a preview of Ria's show in the videos below!

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