ImprovBoston's 'MAGIC: THE GATHERING' Begins Performances Tonight

ImprovBoston's 'MAGIC: THE GATHERING' Begins Performances Tonight

ImprovBoston's latest production, Magic: The Gathering: The (Improv) Show caters to the rise of Geek Culture, with a completely improvised show that anyone, geek or not, will find hilarious. Using the audience's help, two wizards and a team of misfit fantasy junkies improvise a comedy battle for supremacy of the stage incorporating character parodies of the popular fantasy card game Magic: The Gathering.

Geek chic is flourishing with each new generation bringing a legion of tech-savvy gamers and fantasy buffs to the audiences (and stages) of ImprovBoston. Magic: The Gathering: The (Improv) Show creators Erik Volkert and Leiran Biton were inspired to create an off-the-cuff show drawing from the wildly popular card game that has remained a staple of geek culture since the mid 90s.

The duo received praise after early festival performances and developed the concept into a full-fledged show that produced a sold-out run at ImprovBoston last summer. The show, now featuring a bigger cast, expanded format and higher production value, returns for a month of March performances.

Volkert and Biton fully embrace their inner geeks and wizards in this show but are quick to point out that non-geeks have just as much fun. "I've had several audience members who never played a fantasy game come up to us after the show to say what a great time they had," says Biton. "For us, Magic is just a point of inspiration, a way to delve into stories everyone can identify with. Ultimately, we're all about combining fantastic scenarios and amazing characters to create on-the-spot comedy."

Magic: The Gathering: The (Improv) Show runs Fridays at 10pm from February 28-March 28. Tickets are $18, $14 students at the door and available online at

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