Guests Announced for Michael Patrick Thornton's Two-Person Improv Show YOU & ME, Starting 4/18

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Guests Announced for Michael Patrick Thornton's Two-Person Improv Show YOU & ME, Starting 4/18

NATURAL GAS, the five-year-old house improv team of The Gift Theatre, appears Friday nights at Wicker Park's The Den Theatre, performing entirely improvised group sets in addition to their standing Wednesday night set at The Gift in Jefferson Park. Every other week is YOU & ME-a two-person, entirely improvised show featuring ensemble member/The Gift artistic director Michael Patrick Thornton with a special guest from the Chicago arts community. Upcoming performances of YOU & ME are Friday, April 18 (TJ Jagodowski),May 2 (Darci Nalepa), May 16 (John Pantlind), May 30 (Wild Card-the YOU is picked live from the audience), June 13 (Rachael Mason), June 27 (Ian Belknap), July 18 (Carly Olson) and August 1 (Atra Asdou) at 10:30 p.m. The schedule is updated at

YOU & ME was recently performed at Actors Theatre of Louisville, where ATL Artistic Director Les Waters called it "Hilarious, horrifying, and human. Quite magical, really."

Thornton says, "I keep hearing from my actor friends how fearful and alien Improv feels to them and vice-versa with my Improv pals regarding Theater." "This is an unfortunate and unnecessary perceptual divide. Whether dialogue is written or invented, great scenes are about people needing each other and listening to each other. YOU & ME hopes to playfully refocus this misperception, refresh our faith in collective imagination, and reinforce the freeing truism that for this theatrical event, all we need and have is You & Me."

NATURAL GAS is the house improv team of The Gift Theatre sponsored by Fischman Liquor & Tavern that takes one suggestion from the audience to create an entirely improvised world of comedy that is wild, randy and appropriately inappropriate! Every Wednesday, 8 p.m. at The Gift Theatre, 4802 N. Milwaukee Ave. (at Lawrence); and Fridays, 10:30 p.m. at The Den Theatre, 1333 N. Milwaukee Ave. Tickets are always $5 in advance or at the door.

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