Chelsea Handler Gives Take on What Happened During Solange, Jay Z Fight

May 14
6:02 2014
Chelsea Handler Gives Take on What Happened During Solange, Jay Z Fight

Chelsea Handler had her own take on Solange Knowles attacking Jay Z on Monday night's round table segment of "Chelsea Lately." But first, she spent time trying to pronounce Beyoncé's younger sister's name properly.

Handler said, "No one really knows exactly what happened except for those three or four in the elevator and whoever they decided to tell, but sisters need to stick together because blood is thicker than penis."

The comedians on the panel that night had their own explanations that ranged from: "Maybe Jay Z was like 'Solange isn't a real name' and she was like 'It is a real name!' and he was like 'Show me a baby name book.' And she didn't have one so she was like (punches the air)," to comedian John Caparulo's comment, "What if she told him, 'Do not fart when we get in this elevator? And he did and she just wailed on him. He's like, 'I had eggs! I'm sorry! I had eggs!'"

The show's writer Chris Franjola, the show's writer, then asked, "Why didn't Beyoncé do anything during the fight?She just stood there. Now she knows what it's like to be in Destiny's Child - someone else does all the work while she does s--t." Handler said that, "From the body language Beyoncé wasn't trying to protect her husband so she's obviously, from what it looks like, speculating it looks like she was pissed at him, too. But her sister was doing it for here." She went on to say that, "Also, that was probably 4 o'clock in the morning so they were probably all pretty wasted."

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