Secondhand Serenade, Molly Ringwald, Sylvia Polanski and More Set for Yoshi's San Francisco, Now thu May 2013

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Though these two quotes attempt to explain his uniqueness and wide range musical capability, though not vague, the quotes are so dissimilar as to provoke a curious sense of mystery for a reader uninitiated with the phenomenon known as Junior Brown. Of course, to anyone who has seen Junior sing and play live, or heard any of his ten albums, will No Doubt understand the connectedness in what the two quotes mean, and more often than not will have some quotable Junior observations to add of their own. Read more here.

Backstory: Executive Pastry Chef Sylvia Polanski
"I was born in Chicago where I spent the first 12 years of my life. Chicago has a huge polish community, and my grandmother had two restaurants there. My grandmother is The Amazing person from whom I got my love for cooking. She lived in France for many years as well, so I was around a lot of Polish and French food. We ate at grandma's house several times a week. I watched her cook and eventually got my hands dirty. She is also amazing at desserts. We would have Croquembouche on a casual Monday night. My mother found homework I did from 2nd grade, and I said I wanted to be a chef when i grow up. I started cooking professionally when I moved to Russia in 1992. I was working under mostly Scandinavian chefs, which was great. I learned so much as just a line cook. When I returned to the U.S., I went to CCSF for almost two years and received my certificate in interior design. I was always interested in interior design, so i gave it a shot, alas my heart is in the kitchen. I started working at Postrio in 1998 with the Rosenthall brothers, who are brilliant; so great to work for them. I worked the line and also made stocks. It was very hard work but priceless. I was then promoted to saute at Wolfgang Pucks' other restaurant Spago, and i worked under Michael French who ran a very tight kitchen. I loved working there it was so busy, very fast paced. I was nicknamed the "risotto queen."

"I never thought I would ever be a pastry chef, ever. I was always turned off by all the science of it the preciseness and structure of it all. I couldn't have been more wrong. I use my same savory "oh a little bit of this, a pinch of that" and "eyeball it" mentality with pastry. I have come up with many amazing recipes and concepts this way. Always experimenting, always looking beyond the standard. I was working in Reno at the Cheeseboard and Wine Cellar as a line cook when I was asked to work as their baker. I took up the challenge and fell head over heals in love with baking. Love it!!!! For me it's the finesse, the delicateness. Dessert to me is soft, gentle, graceful, beautiful. I really enjoy pastries because I incorporate my savory and sweet in my creations. Fusing all wordly flavors, spices and ideas. My dishes aren't just a cake or ice cream; it's a concept from beginning to end. I focus on texture, taste, composition, ingenuity. I want to give people something they couldn't make at home and provide an experience where they stop doing anything except think about what they are eating. I love making people happy; that is my drive.

"I am currently at Yoshi's San Francisco making Japanese-inspired desserts. I have been given full creativity, amazing tools and support to create my desserts. I am a pastry chef, and my inspiration is everything that surrounds me."

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