MET Orchestra Musicians Perform at Fort Washington Public Library

MET Orchestra Musicians Perform at Fort Washington Public Library

At a free concert open to the public on Tuesday, April 11, 2017 at 3:30pm, members of the MET Orchestra Musicians visited The New York Public Library's Fort Washington Branch in Washington Heights to perform a "Musical Read-Along" of "Buzzard and Wren Have a Race," from the book A Ring of Tricksters, by Virginia Hamilton and the book Icarus Swinebuckle by Michael Garland. The music was composed by Robert Miller, husband MET Orchestra violinist Elena Barere. The books were read aloud to children and families by local New York City Councilmember Ydanis Rodriguez, and MET Orchestra violinist Bruno Eicher.

This program was organized by the MET Orchestra Musicians, who are engaging with communities and advocating on issues that touch the lives of all New Yorkers, including a well-rounded cultural education, funding for arts organizations and artists, access to live music and increased diversity in the arts.

"We're very excited to play for kids and families at Fort Washington Library!" said MET Orchestra cellist Kari Docter, "As a parent and a member of the orchestra, I can say that music, the arts and advocacy go hand-in-hand. At a time when support for the arts in our schools and communities is constantly under threat, we must find new ways to introduce young people to the power of live music and the art that helps them to learn and thrive-and to support the role that music and art play as part of a healthy, inclusive and positive society."

"New Yorkers in Uptown Manhattan know that music and the arts are vital part of our heritage and essential to strong communities," said NYC Councilmember Ydanis Rodriguez, "I applaud the MET Orchestra Musicians for using their talent and musicianship to help our young children experience the power of live music, and for supporting our libraries and the work they do every day."

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