Juilliard Kicks Off FOCUS! 2013: THE BRITISH RENAISSANCE Festival, Now thru 2/1


Juilliard's FOCUS! 2013: The British Renaissance festival has announced its lineup, running tonight, January 25 through February 1, 2013. It will feature the New Juilliard Ensemble and more. For details, see the listing below or click HERE.

Opening Night, January 25, 2013
Alice Tully Hall
British Music Since World War II

New Juilliard Ensemble
Joel Sachs, founding director and conductor
Kyle Bielfield, tenor
John Brancy, baritone
Bryan Conger, clarinet
Meredith Treaster, viola

Jonathan Harvey (England) Sringara Chaconne (2008)*
ALEXANDER GOEHR (England) . . .a musical offering (J.S.B. 1985) (1985)
HELEN GRIME (Scotland) Clarinet Concerto (2009)**
John WooLRICH (England) Envoi (1997)*
COLIN MATTHEWS (England) with text by Christopher Reid No Man's Land for tenor, baritone, chamber orchestra, and recorded sound (2011)*

* First performance outside of Europe
** New York Premiere

FREE tickets available 1/11

Friday, January 25, 2013, 8 p.m.
FOCUS! 2013: The British Renaissance Chamber Concert
January 28-31, 2013
Paul Hall
British Music Since World War II

RICHARD RODNEY BENNETT (England) Kandinsky Variations for two pianos (1977)
Yang Liu and Jiayan Sun, pianos

BRIAN FERNEYHOUGH (England) Cassandra's Dream Song for solo flute (1970)
Daniel James, flute

GEORGE BENJAMIN (England) Viola Viola for two violas (1997)
Fitzhugh Gary and Daniel Kim, violas

DEIRDRE GRIBBIN (Northern Ireland) What the Whaleship Saw for string quartet (2004)*
Caitlin Kelly and Emma Sutton, violins
Luke Fleming, viola
Andrew Briggs, cello

Judith Weir (Scotland/England) Piano Trio Two (2003-04)
Maria Semes, violin
Julian Schwarz, cello
Rozalyn Chok, piano