YA-friendly Interactive Story-based History Book, BEWARE MADAME LA GUILLOTINE, Hits iBookstores Worldwide This Week

YA-friendly Interactive Story-based History Book, BEWARE MADAME LA GUILLOTINE, Hits iBookstores Worldwide This Week

A new, truly revolutionary offering arrives in iBookstores worldwide on February 6, 2013. Beware Madame la Guillotine: The French Revolution with Charlotte Corday (USD $4.99, Time Traveler Tales) is the first in a series of first-person accounts told by historical figures whose actions helped shape their time.

Combining the traditional power of narrative with the latest in technology, Time Traveler Tales puts the past at the tips of your fingers and allows you to discover history with those who made it, through storytelling and interactive activities. Targeted to youth, aged 12 and up, these tales are perfect companions for history, social studies and humanities classrooms and collections the world over.

They also make great reading for history buffs and armchair travelers.

Drawing on the success of historically oriented American Girl titles (but gender neutral and with a global focus) and the gaming nature of Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? (but emphasizing history), Time Traveler Tales interactive books reveal the past's most seminal moments through creative non-fiction storytelling and interactive context-based games.

Each tale is rooted in fact and illustrated with full-color period artwork. Interactive images and maps, multiple-choice questions and puzzles extend and enhance reader understanding of the narrators' place and time.

"In middle school and even in high school, there's a necessary push to master historical facts such as, 'who, what and when?'" says Time Traveler Tales Founder and Creative Director, Sarah Towle. "Our interactive, factually accurate and riveting stories ask 'why'."

For example, why would a noble-born convent school girl stab to death a revolutionary leader?

You can find out in Beware Madame La Guillotine, a trip back in time to the French Revolution, narrated by 24-year-old school-girl-turned-murderess, Charlotte Corday. While in prison and awaiting execution by guillotine, Charlotte recounts her personal journey through Paris during the Reign of Terror. Leading the reader from the Palais Royal, where she bought her murder weapon, to her prison, the Conciergerie, she explains how and why she murdered radical propagandist Jean-Paul Marat while he soaked in the bath.