Wiley Releases Protecting Yourself Online For Dummies

Wiley Releases Protecting Yourself Online For Dummies

Indianapolis, IN

Since hackers and scammers are constantly changing their methods of attack, it's not always easy to find accurate information and answers to questions about how to protect privacy online and use the Internet with confidence. That's where AARP's Protecting Yourself Online For Dummies (Wiley; April 2014; eBook formats; $3.99) can help.

With online identity theft, fraud and e-mail scams occurring more frequently, Internet users everywhere need new tips and tricks to stay ahead of scammers. Protecting Yourself Online For Dummies gives readers the necessary tools for online protection. This guide covers:

  • How and why risks can occur online
  • Ways to avoid identity theft, fraud and e-mail scams
  • Steps for e-mailing safely and managing spam
  • How to identify typical ways information is compromised, such as viruses, worms and trojans
  • Expert tips for creating strong passwords and storing them safely
  • How to recognize scams, fake charities and health care scams
  • Information on keeping your online banking and shopping account safe

Filled with trusted information on how to stay safe, this authoritative guide is the perfect place to start. For more information about AARP's Protecting Yourself Online For Dummies or to purchase a copy of the e-book, visit http://www.AARP.org/ProtectingYourselfOnline.

Wiley's AARP-branded titles fulfill the AARP promise of providing people 50+ with the know-how to accomplish a task while offering insight on how the new knowledge fosters lifelong growth and improves quality of life. These titles contain examples, ideas, and human interest stories, as well as useful take-away skills that inspire and empower the 50+ reader and enhance and reinforce AARP's role as a "trusted advisor."

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About the authors:
Nancy Muir is the owner of a writing and consulting company that specializes in business and technology topics. She has authored more than 40 books on technology and business topics, including Computers For Seniors For Dummies, 2nd Edition, iPad For Seniors For Dummies and iPad All-in-One For Dummies. Nancy consults and trains companies, governments, and law enforcement agencies worldwide.

Ryan C. Williams is an author and coauthor of several books, including Word 2010 All-in-One For Dummes, Google Business Solutions All-in-One For Dummies, and MySpace For Dummies. He resides in Indianapolis, Indiana.