Wayne Townsend Releases Second Book on Intelligent Leaders

Wayne Townsend Releases Second Book on Intelligent Leaders

In the business world, you might want to consider the late Steve Jobs of Apple or, from an earlier era, the much-revered Jack Welch of General Electric. Or, to use a uniquely Canadian example, Ted Rogers, who laid the foundation, through sheer audacity and his own risk-taking heart, for the creation of the Rogers communications empire. These leaders wanted their companies to reach for the stars - and by and large, they succeeded marvelously. Their troops knew what Jobs, Welch and Rogers expected from them - and they would run through a wall to meet those expectations.

What is it that separates these sports and business superstars from the rest of us? That's what Ontario-based business author Wayne Townsend explores in his recently released book, Intelligent Leaders - Let Me Know When You Find One! This is not your typical, dry-to-the-bone business book; Intelligent Leaders, instead, draws on examples from everyday life - from the worlds of sports, business, politics and entertainment - and uses wit, humour and lightheartedness to make its key points. Even as Townsend explores concepts such as the value of mentorship and emotional intelligence, he uses the rapier rather than the broadsword, gently nudging his readers toward moving in the direction that Townsend wishes them to go.

Intelligent Leaders is a very readable book, the type of publication that existing and aspiring business managers will find important and useful. Current leader/managers can use Intelligent Leaders as a checklist for a form of self-evaluation, to see where they stand on the leadership scale. Aspiring leader/managers can use it to analyze their own strengths and weaknesses as they contemplate how they might need to make adjustments to be regarded as a true leader.

These days, the business mantra is all about leadership because change is so constant, and so necessary, that business conditions can change in a heartbeat. The sand is always shifting even under the most established companies (think Blackberry!) and business today needs real leaders as never before.

It's just like Wayne Gretzky once said: He doesn't skate to where the puck is, he skates to where it's going. Intelligent Leaders encourages that very same approach to business and leadership!


Intelligent Leaders - Let Me Know When You Find One!
Written by Wayne Townsend
ISBN: 9780978188559

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