Wayne Caparas Launches New Fitness Book, 'Biologic Revelation'

Wayne Caparas Launches New Fitness Book, 'Biologic Revelation'

Once the scientific community and common genetic truth finally have their say, everything we do to get fit and stay that way is going to change. BioLogic Revelation is a fitness breakthrough of the highest order, as every facet draws from an abundance of independent research performed by many of the world's leading biologists and physiologists. Together, these new discoveries have revealed a profoundly powerful link between specific muscle fiber activity over very short-durations and our ability to improve metabolic health, fight disease, and slow the aging process in incomparable fashion. Though the revelation seemed paradoxical and too good to be true when it first came to light nearly twenty years ago, today it is scientifically clear and entirely logical. With more than two hundred peer-reviewed research studies and thirty years of success stories to support or prove our conclusions, the BioLogic 10 Minute No-Sweat Anti- Aging Workout is a fitness activity every man and woman alive should immediately adopt-or at very least adapt into their current regimen.

Likewise, the revelation leverages startling new research that exposes the destructive and often deadly results of long-term distance running and other forms of high-volume exercise. BioLogic Revelation will introduce you to many of the scientists behind this groundbreaking research. As readers will see, one could hardly assemble a more highly- accomplished brain trust. Their studies have collectively demonstrated that the strength building, metabolism correcting, fat burning, heart strengthening, hormone balancing, diabetes destroying, immune system boosting, cancer-fighting, joint healing, body shaping benefits of BioLogic Workouts are rivaled only by their simplicity and ease-no matter your age or current shape.

Author Wayne Caparas began testing the revelation before the turn of the century while he was at the peak of his life as a fitness innovator and research journalist. Two decades later the scientific community has fully explained (down to the cellular level) the methods and protocols he and his like-minded colleagues began preaching to deaf ears far too long ago. Sadly, the news of this revolutionary research is still being suppressed and drowned out by the noise of establishment spin doctors, striving to protect their long- held narrative. So in all likelihood, you haven't heard a word about it, until now.

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While still in his early thirties, Wayne Caparas emerged as one of the top pioneers of the modern fitness industry. Before the turn of the century, upon garnering an unprecedented cache of awards and published accolades, his chain of Charleston, SC health clubs gained international acclaim among the most innovative fitness organizations in America. Also a publisher in the burgeoning genre of women's fitness, Wayne co-developed the award-winning Vie Magazine and later advised his mentor, the late Robert Kennedy, through the creation of Oxygen Magazine-serving as a contributing editor for its first three years on the newsstand. In addition to lecturing on the faculties of the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and IHRSA, Wayne broke new ground as a research journalist for Oxygen and other publications. His most lasting impact on the modern fitness industry, however, likely came through his pioneering of obstacle course fitness events for television, as his team gained high praise from ESPN for advancing the sport well before any of the current broadcast competitions existed. During the late nineties, after being diagnosed with an often-debilitating thyroid disorder (Graves Disease), Wayne liquidated his interests in the fitness industry and turned his focus toward research and experimentation that sparked the BioLogic Revelation.