Warren Adler Releases 'The War of the Roses-The Children'

Warren Adler Releases 'The War of the Roses-The Children'

Warren Adler whose iconic book-turned-film The War of the Roses earned raves as the definitive commentary on divorce explores its impact carried through two generations in a sequel entitled The War of the Roses-The Children.

While Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas became the globally recognized Barbara and Oliver Rose in the 1989 Twentieth Century Fox blockbuster adaptation of Adler's original novel The War of the Roses, the sequel follows the lives of their now adult children Josh and Eve who witnessed the death of their parents in the final scene of the story.

"The sequel is essential to our understanding of what children from broken homes endure. It is estimated that 50% of all North-American children will experience the divorce of their parents before they turn 18, while 50% of the children of divorced parents in the U.S. will experience the breakup of their own marriages. It is the dilemma of our times," said Adler. Grey Eagle Productions has bought the film rights to The War of the Roses - The Children.

Adler's original black comedy The War of the Roses, described "A devastatingly funny black comedy" (Gannett New Service) is now also an international stage hit. Opening to critical acclaim and sold-out shows in over ten foreign territories spanning Poland, Germany, Spain, Argentina and others, the stage adaptation has featured international stars such as Carlos Sobera (Spain), Carla Peterson (Argentina), Giancarlo Zanetti (Italy) and Martin Semmelroge (Germany).

"Warren Adler has faced the specter of the sequel and gloriously overcome the challenge." Bookpleasures.com
"Recreates the marital bickering that made the original The War of the Roses such juicy movie material." Publisher's Weekly (1st ed.)
"Adler's gift is to turn these outrageously bleak scenarios into outrageously appealing black comedy." Booklist (1st ed.)