Walt Brown Presents New Memoir, A FLY ON THE WALL

January 17
3:43 2014
Walt Brown Presents New Memoir, A FLY ON THE WALL

From the field, the press box and the locker room, former radio and television sportscaster, Walt Brown, brought the plays and the players into the homes of millions of people. In his new book, "A Fly on the Wall," Walt Brown reflects on a lifetime of observing and meeting the greatest celebrities and their events of the last 50 years. From Willie Mays in the outfield, to Indy-car drivers, to football's "Game of the Century," he's been through it all. "Celebrities often put up a different front for the public," said Brown. "You can really get to know your heroes as humans when you've got the advantage of being the third party in the room."

Brown vividly recalls events that made the history books while giving them his fresh and unique perspective. Walt asks readers to join him in meeting lots of people they've always wanted to meet. Readers will find out why Bill Cosby chuckled at "the Fly" and Mohammed Ali laughed out loud. Readers are front and center as Jesse Owens offers Brown a cup of coffee and Dan Marino offers him a seat. Readers will spend personal time with Stan Musial, Willie Mays and Frank Robinson and join World Driving Champion Jack Brabham as he's a passenger in "the Fly's" car. Mickey Rooney also peeks over "the Fly's" shoulder.


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