'Walk Tall' is Released

'Walk Tall' is Released


The Vietnam War has gone down in history as one of the most unpopular wars ever waged by America and its allies. What makes it more tragic is the fact that the brave soldiers who took part in the war were not given the proper respect they deserved; indeed men who fought courageously and suffered through horrible ordeals on the battlefield were maligned by the media and misunderstood by the public. In "Walk Tall" the author has written a truly eye-opening read that shows the fighting spirit of the Vietnamese military units that served in the Vietnam War.

"Walk Tall" is an Australian's view of 'the American War'. It is an in-depth look at the Vietnam War wherein John Peel served as a member of the highly respected AATTV allocated to 1st ARVN Regiment. It records his experiences along with his perceptions on the Army of the Republic of Vietnam's response to constant changes in policy, by reflecting on the character, culture and religion of the South Vietnamese soldier. It exposes the battles fought against their ideological enemy on one front, and the Saigon government on another, a government which ignored their cultural traditions threatening the soldier's family by neglect.

John Peel has recorded his experiences as an embedded member of the South Vietnamese Army's 1st Regiment, in order that the Regiment can be acknowledged as a highly proficient and professional fighting force, resulting from modern training, sound military leadership and the desire to get the job done on the battlefield. "Walk Tall" is a rarely seen alternative view point on the war in Vietnam and as such is a must read for anyone interested in military history.

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