'Viva La Evolution!' New eBook by Kim Seeling Smith is Released

'Viva La Evolution!' New eBook by Kim Seeling Smith is Released


Employee engagement expert Kim Seeling Smith, Founder and CEO of global human capital consultant firm Ignite Global, has released an eBook based on her keynote presentation, Viva La Evolution - 5 Cs to Attract, Engage and Retain Top Talent in the Social Age.

"Technology and globalization have dramatically altered the way we work over the last 20 to 30 years," said Seeling Smith. "Yet very little has changed in how we hire and manage staff. This change resistance has led to low employee engagement, diminished productivity, soaring employee turnover and a growing global skills shortage."

Smith's eBook and presentations help human capital managers shift from, as Seeling Smith says, "maintaining the routine, tactical and predicable work of yesteryear," to what she calls, "the Social Age," in which she advises companies must, "be more strategic, creative and innovative; more solutions-oriented, more targeted and more transparent."

"Today," said Seeling Smith, "we still hire for skills and experience and continue to use the same levers we have used for decades to motivate and manage staff. This model is broken. We must evolve these practices to win the war for talent and to remain competitive in today's digitally connected, globally oriented world."

This eBook helps readers join the Social Age Evolution through an easy to apply 5-Step Framework that challenges organizations to:

  • Hire Correctly: Hire for competencies and strengths instead of skills and experience
  • Classify and manage appropriately: Spend time with the people who will give the most return on investment
  • Compensate fairly: How do staff members feel about their pay VS the value they add?
  • Use Currencies of Choice: To motivate, recognize and reward
  • Communicate with FOCUS: What five conversations will do the most to increase engagement, unlock potential and unleash productivity?

The eBook addresses the challenges companies encounter in this "Social Age." It carries the same title and is available at no cost on the Ignite Global website. (hyperlink to eBook landing page)