Vietnam War Veteran's New Book Receives Praise

Vietnam War Veteran's New Book Receives Praise

Aurora, Ohio

Michael Christy, editor for, is the latest reviewer to give a positive report on "Condemned Property?", a book written by a Vietnam War veteran about his experiences during and after the war. The book provides a stark portrait of the unpopular war that continues for those who served and its lingering effects on veterans, including author Earl "Dusty" Trimmer.

Earlier this year, Kirkus Reviews complimented the book, noting the author's passion is overwhelming, offering devastating indictments of people who have made it difficult for veterans to receive necessary support in civilian lives but values "the bonds he formed with the men with which he served, and he makes clear that their fraternal loyalty continues to the present day."
In addition, Barnes & Noble gives "Condemned Property?" a five-star rating for 2014 and Amazon gives the book a 4-1/2 star rating for the year thus far.

Christy provides the following review:

"Dusty" Trimmer served one year of combat infantry duty with the 25th Infantry Division. In this, his first book, he presents staggering descriptions that cut to the heart of the combat experience: the fear and belligerence, the quiet insights and raging madness, the lasting friendships and sudden deaths. Yet it is much more. It is an account of veterans long after leaving the battlefield as they struggle with physical and emotional damage in a world that seems indifferent to their plight.

The book differs from most Vietnam War tomes. It is a collection of interrelated short, seemingly disparate pieces. It jumps around a lot. It does not have a plot. There is no moral to the story. However, what it does more importantly is bear witness to the things men do in war and the things war does to men. Horrible things that scar many, if not all, for the rest of their lives. To dramatize this point, Trimmer personalizes much of it by writing about his experience, observations, concerns and sentimental feelings.