Universal Power Publishing Releases New Book on Female Beauty

Universal Power Publishing Releases New Book on Female Beauty

Universal Power Publishing releases a new book about how to improve female beauty and why beauty matters.

Women worldwide are willing to spend a tremendous amount of time and money in an effort to look attractive. According to "The Economist," the global beauty industry is estimated to be worth US$160 billion per year. The problem? Not all women achieve the level of inner and outer beauty they desire. Polska's book highlights the importance of beauty and details the steps necessary to become a "perfect 10." Polska states, "A 'perfect 10' beauty score is a combination of inner and outer beauty."

There is actually a template for physical beauty. Studies reveal that everyone has an innate template of what a woman "should" look like, which they automatically use for every single woman they encounter to assess physical beauty in a nanosecond. Polska's book explains how every woman can improve her outer beauty (face, skin, hair, body, breasts, health, style, elegance). As Antoine Pierre Berryer, a French advocate, once said, "There are no ugly women; there are only women who do not know how to look pretty."

Polska's book is also for women who might lack the inner beauty required to hold people's long-term attention. Physical beauty may capture instant attention, but inner beauty will capture long-term attention and admiration. Just as with physical beauty, every woman can improve her inner beauty (personality, character).

Polska's inspiration for writing the book came as a result of her keen observation on how pervasive "lookism" is in society. According to Polska, "lookism" is a term used to refer to discrimination against people based on their physical appearance. Through her extensive research, including more than 1,000 scientific studies, she discovered that beauty is a very valuable commodity for a woman to possess, and studies have shown that beauty has many benefits, including social and economic benefits.

Polska refers to female beauty as "a form of art that attracts admiration." She says that just like art, female beauty can be created or enhanced.

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