UUA Bookstore Offers Resources for Meaningful Worship

UUA Bookstore Offers Resources for Meaningful Worship

Unitarian Universalism has a long and proud tradition of lay-led worship, but it can be hard to craft a worship service that truly engages people. Your UUA Bookstore offers resources to help!

The multigenerational worship services in this book draw from folk tales, children's literature, and everyday living and include recommended hymns, readings, and props.

Each service is a whole body experience, inviting members to participate and engage the mind, heart, and spirit. Purchase today.

The art of storytelling can enrich any worship service. Whether reading stories from a book or preaching them from memory, A Good Tellingcan help you choose meaningful stories and tell them in powerful ways.

This book will explain foundational techniques and offer strategies for incorporating audience participation with children and adults. Purchase today.

Here is a complete workshop to help lay people gain experience writing and preaching a full-length sermon for their congregation.

Workshop members learn about the theory and theology of preaching, practice writing and speaking with authenticity, and gradually build toward composing quality 20-minute sermons. Purchase today.

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