UNIFORMS Chronicles Vietnam Vet Wearing Uniforms

UNIFORMS Chronicles Vietnam Vet Wearing Uniforms

For most of his years, David G. Duchesneau has worn "Uniforms," a seemingly trivial fact that has actually had profound implications on his life journey as it took him from the halls of school to the jungles of war-torn Vietnam. It is for this reason that the simple uniform is of great importance and meaning for Duchesneau, as well as countless others who have had similar experiences as him, and in his aptly titled book, he explores this significance, the intrinsic role the "Uniforms" he wore played in his life.

The tale spans an era in a boy's life and recounts his experiences growing up in a small New England town, from his childhood years, attending parochial school, to his adolescent years, continuing his studies as he and become an active member of a drum and bugle corps for 10 years. The story continues into early adulthood when he enlisted into the United States Marine Corps, following him through boot camp, and then his two tours of duty, 1969 through 1970, in Vietnam.

Through it all, it chronicles the changes that occurred across the nation and within Duchesneau himself as he came of age, portraying the adventures of his youth, his days in school, his passion for music and his service to his country. It speaks from the heart and mind of everyone who has ever had the experience of attending a Catholic school, all those who were ever so fortunate to be a member of a Drum and Bugle Corps, and all those combat veterans who served in Vietnam and experienced the rigors and sorrows of that war.

"Uniforms" is the story of Duchesneau's life, and a look back into the formative years of an entire generation, and the crucibles they faced during their heyday. It shows the true meaning of wearing the uniform, the responsibilities it brings, and the effects it can have on a person's life.

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