True Story on the Value of a Homemaker is Released

True Story on the Value of a Homemaker is Released

She only wanted others to recognize the role, significance, and worth as a wife, mother, and homemaker. She only longed for it to be valued. Author Patti Zona makes her publishing debut with a gripping and compelling autobiography that portrays The Value of a Homemaker.

This poignant memoir is a revelation of sorts where readers will find their hearts ripped, crushed, touched, mended, and inspired. Zona witnessed her husband change from a loving and devoted man to someone she no longer knew. After their separation, her life would dramatically change in many ways beyond her control. Her ex-husband, a banking expert, would not be content with just a divorce; he would find legal ways to harass her for years. He would use his money, position, and connections. He used the courtroom to vent his anger and frustrations. Unluckily for her, the courtroom assisted her husband's merciless and unwarranted appeal that would continue for a decade. Her appeals were turned down repeatedly but she survived amidst all the turmoil and deception. Through this book, she reveals her side of the story.

"...I dedicate these writings to all women who have struggled against obstacles and uncertainties and have persevered for all humanity-to all the young mothers and not-so-young mothers to recognize the importance of a role that nurtures the mind and body and replenishes the heart in body and of the home... I also want to dedicate this book to not just a few good men, for there are so many more that will surface when faced with obstacles that they have been thrust into," endearingly shares the author.

The Value of a Homemaker isn't just any ordinary memoir; it's also about corporate structures-the demands they make, the complete loyalty that's being required, oftentimes, at the cost of the family. It's about the ultimate betrayal-the corruption in courts and high places, power in the wrong hands, and its destructive consequences. It is a true story of a single woman fighting the corporate giants for acceptance and acknowledgement of her being. For more information on this book, interested parties may log on to

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