Tracey Bowman and Mary Boone Wellington Release HOPE I DON'T DIE BEFORE I GET OLD

Mary Boone Wellington who has has several successful careers, as artist, CEO, entrepreneur and now as a writer says "Tracey and I wrote "Hope I Don't Die Before I Get Old" to inspire an aging population. Not only are we living longer, but our ability to make meaningful contributions to our world in later life is more possible now than ever before in history."

What can be done to keep the brain fit? A new study by Canadian researchers shows that an exercise program featuring resistance training improves the cognitive functioning of older women, and improves it by a noticeable margin. Researchers followed 86 senior women with mild cognitive impairment for a six-month study.

In the study, women between the ages of 65 and 75, were divided into two groups, one performed resistance training exercises (weight training) and the other did aerobic exercise. The groups exercised twice a week for six months in sessions that lasted about an hour. Both of these groups were tested regularly to assess the brain functions needed for independent living- paying attention, memory, problem solving and executive decision making. They were also analyzed for brain brain plasticity (the ability to add new brain cells) with a functional MRI.

The results showed big improvement in decision making, memory and brain plasticity in the group performing weight training exercise. The aerobic training group did not show these results. The results were so positive that the research team made a video and posted it on you-tube.

"Exercise is attractive as a prevention strategy for dementia as it is universally accessible and cost-effective," said Liu-Ambrose, the lead researcher. "By developing this we can help translate our findings directly to the senior population and fitness instructors who are working with them."