Todd M. Daley Releases Book on Growing Up in '50s, '60s

Todd M. Daley Releases Book on Growing Up in '50s, '60s

In his new book, "1950s-1960s Fable" (published by AuthorHouse), author Todd M. Daley weaves a captivating coming-of-age story, rich with emotional tapestry.

The book starts with the lives of two children, Tom and Cara, who are raised by foster parents on a farm in South Jersey. The children then move to the North Shore of Staten Island with their birth parents, a move that requires them to adjust to living with parents who have different rules and values. Interspersed in the narrative are sketches of important people and events of that era, including Presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy, Jonas Salk, Billy Graham, Bill Wilson and Dick Clark.

"The book is a fast-moving narrative that is funny, sad, optimistic and authentic, with larger-than-life characters who do not fret over life's misfortunes," shares Daley. "The story is about conflict, endurance, and growth during an idealistic time in America's history, and should appeal to the baby boomer generation."

An excerpt from "1950s-1960s Fable":

"Little Mommy was an energetic walker and like most New Yorkers, she walked fast forcing Tom and Cara to sometimes skip or trot to keep up with her. She took them on long walks along Richmond Terrace to gaze at the waterfront's abandoned shipyards a hodgepodge of rotting warehouses, corroded ships, rusted anchors, and broken docks. Little Mommy said that the shipbuilding company Bethlehem Steel had been active in Mariners Harbor building war ships and freighters for the allied war effort. There were many factories in Mariners Harbor including a bustling brewery where Ballentine beer was produced. Both Tom and Cara were World War II babies so they had an instinctive curiosity about that era."

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