Thriller/Crime Novel “Miami Files” by FBI Undercover Agent is Released

Thriller/Crime Novel  “Miami Files” by FBI Undercover Agent is Released

Drug kingpin Alvaro Lopez Tardon, head of an international narcotics trafficking and money laundering syndicate that distributed 7,500 kilos of South American cocaine in Madrid and laundered $15 million in proceeds in Miami, faces federal sentencing in Miami in August (US Department of Justice, June 12, 2015). With such a rich, continuing history of drugs and criminals, Terry Moran, a former FBI undercover narcotics agent, uses the city's famous cocaine trade as the setting for his recent thriller/crime novel "Miami Files" published by TotalRecall Publications.

The story opens as Jack Armstrong, an up and coming young Atlanta businessman, has paid his dues at Marlowe Plumbing and Supply and finally gets a well deserved promotion. A misdirected shipment of supplies reveals billions of dollars worth of cocaine, which could devastate the company and Jack's good name. Rightly contacting the FBI actually backfires for Jack and places him squarely in the crosshairs of the FBI agent investigating the incident and the Mob who wants their cocaine returned.

Jack races against the clock to evade the FBI and the Mob, all while trying to prove his innocence. Trekking through the Southeast, he finds information which could implicate the FBI Agent chasing him and who may have more at stake than just apprehending Jack. Jack lands in Miami where he finds the information he needs to clear his name, but it may be too little and too late to save him from either side.