Three Homeless Teens' Adventures Show Value of Friendship

August 31
5:26 2014
Three Homeless Teens' Adventures Show Value of Friendship

Tony Taouk's new novel shows readers the vagabond lives of three homeless teens and how their existence takes a dramatic turn when they attempt to find better lives for themselves. This inadvertently causes them to be mired in dangerous circumstances, forcing them to survive by "Running through shadows" (published by Xlibris AU).

Taouk's tale follows three homeless 19-years-olds: Chris, Peter and Rosa, who live in the back of a van in a rural town and survive by stealing from the local members of the community. Their routine is abruptly interrupted after they steal money from the local church and are eventually caught. This incident causes Peter to reflect on his path in his life, and he begins to steer the three of them into a more productive direction. Unexpectedly, their lives take another dramatic turn, when a scuffle with two other youths, brings police involvement back into their lives again. This results in Chris and Peter finding out about Rosa's and her family's suspicious past, which is soon followed by a kidnapping and desperation by the main characters to keep everyone safe.

Readers will see how a chance at bettering their lives goes awry and places the three homeless teens in a dangerous and desperate situation. Taouk juxtaposes the companions' need to be true to each other with the harsh reality of their situation, showing the value of friendship in times of darkness.


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