'They Say I'm the First Lady' Looks at Pastor's Wife

August 22
5:55 2014
'They Say I'm the First Lady' Looks at Pastor's Wife

Port St. Lucie, FL

What is it like to be married to a man who has sworn devotion to God? To keep the faith, to be steadfast, unmovable, and still find the time and the courage to be a wife, mother and grandmother? In her newest nonfiction, author Belinda Benton Lewis gives readers a glimpse into the life of being the Pastor's Wife, the challenges of servant hood and the sacrifices in keeping a balance between ministry and married life. "They Say I'm the First Lady" (published by Xlibris) provides a rare opportunity for readers to understand the often "coveted" and misunderstood role of being the 'First Lady of the church.'

A personal commitment to God's purpose and calling is how Lewis describes her relationship with Christ. While being the wife of the Pastor, she has faced challenges with the understanding that God will reward her for her faithfulness as she continues to support her husband in the Ministry that God has called him to. In "They Say I'm the First Lady," she discloses the stories of her upbringing - from childhood to adulthood - and gives a powerful insight about the ups and downs of leading people, despite her own personal struggles. She exposes the hurts and triumphs of being out front and what it really costs to be in that position. Spiritual mismanagement, she believes, is the cause of many divorces and suicides committed in the body of Christ. In this light, she calls for renewed faith and support. She also hopes to inspire women like her to be stronger for their own family and congregation.


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