Theresa Basile Releases FANGED

Theresa Basile Releases FANGED

Blending in is not always so easy. Sixteen-year old Sean finds it even harder to do so because he happens to be a vampire. In "Fanged," author Theresa Basile reveals an exciting young adult story that will captivate readers and introduce them to a unique group of vampires as they learn the challenges of friendship.

Sean is a sixteen-year-old vampire who just wants to finish high school, but as it turns out, survival is about much more than just avoiding the sunlight. Two vampires in his group cannot stand him, he is barely passing math, a pretty cheerleader smells a little too good to him, and her jealous boyfriend is always close by. With the help of Hannah, the group leader and his best friend, he manages to fly under the radar and keep out of trouble. But when the junior class president is found dead under mysterious circumstances, the truce among Sean and his fellow vampires falls apart. As each person reveals a secret that could threaten their lives, Sean tries to control his hunger. Will he be able to turn over a new leaf, or will the temptation for a pretty girl's blood be too strong to overcome?

Basile originally intended to write a parody of vampire stories. "I made up my own rules about vampire mythology concerning the sunlight, garlic, crosses, etc," she shares. "As I established my rules and began writing short-short stories, I realized that I had a set of real characters with interesting stories to tell. I scrapped the idea of a parody novel and started from the beginning, writing a more realistic story about a group of teenage vampires who are just trying to make it through the world."

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