The UNofficial Guide to Achieving Your Goals is Released

The UNofficial Guide to Achieving Your Goals is Released

Onyx Jones has one goal: to encourage, motivate and inspire others. "The Unofficial Guide To Achieving Your Goals" is her call to action.

The book is a personal development guide that was written after 17 years of entrepreneurship experience, to help readers set goals and make them a reality. Its universal approach makes its content applicable to any age.

"I wanted to write something that would inspire people to pursue their passions and actually provide them with steps and exercises that they could take that would help lead and guide them to success," Jones said. Workbook pages and exercises allow readers to actively discuss and develop their goals.

Topics in the book include:

  • How to select the right goals partner
  • How to improve or acquire a spiritual life
  • How to use visualization to create and operate goals
  • How to identify the skills and talents needed to achieve their goals

"Many people read motivational books, watch motivational TV shows, hear about different people's success stories and they generate a genuine desire to achieve more in life, but very seldom does a fun, inspiring step-by-step guide lead to success."

About the Author

Onyx Jones is an accomplished entrepreneur, administrator, and accountant. Over the past 16 years she has assisted companies and cities of various sizes to be successful in their financial operations. She has conducted financial software workshops, presentations for staff training, federal and state compliance seminars, and written various manuals (I.e. standard operating procedures, budget manuals, financial reporting manuals, etc.). Her vast background in accounting has allowed her to specialize not only in for-profit industries, but also non-profit and government agencies.


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