'The Troll of Newburg' By Tony Foglio is Released

'The Troll of Newburg' By Tony Foglio is Released

Imagination is not a skill that should not end in adulthood. Dr. Tony Foglio's new fairy tale, "The Troll of Newburg," is an inspiration for both children and adults to remember the power of imagination in everyday life.

"It is a mix of fantasy and history, good versus evil, growing older without growing up, time and realms of time. My hope is that the story stimulates young minds and causes older minds to reminisce," Foglio said.

In the vein of C.S. Lewis' Narnia series, "The Troll of Newburg" relays the importance of virtuous living through a fictional story that includes the adventures of the Addison family with the mysterious Gillo the troll. Through interacting with Gillo, the family learns valuable life lessons that apply to both children and adults.

"The Troll of Newburg" takes place in Foglio's historic home in the author's hometown of Toronto, Ohio, once known as Newburg Landing. Foglio was inspired to write the story after spending time with his grandchildren who believed there was something magical about the home. Even Gillo the troll is inspired by real events, as he is named after one of the author's grandsons' imaginary friend.

Through following the Addison family's interactions with Gillo, both children and adults can apply lessons to their lives to become more imaginative, compassionate and thoughtful.

"The Troll of Newburg"
By Tony Foglio
ISBN: 978-1-4908-0498-9 (sc); 978-1-4908-0499-6 (hc); 978-1-4908-0497-2 (e)
Softcover, $11.99
Hardcover, $28.95
Ebook, $6.99
Approximately 136 pages
Available at and

About the author
Dr. Tony Foglio is the author of the "Sonrise Daily Devotional Bible" and the "Discover the Bible" devotional. Foglio was a businessman and teacher before retiring as senior pastor of Sonrise Community Church in Santee, Calif. He has traveled to over 50 countries doing humanitarian aid, child sponsorship and church planting.

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