The Pink Toolkit is Released

The Pink Toolkit is Released

'Turn that frown upside down' may be a childish saying but Jill Whittamore, author of "The Pink Toolbox," says intentional emotional change is the first tool needed for life transformation.

"Full responsibility for your emotional and physical well being is the first step to life change," said Whittamore, a certified Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner. "Understanding EFT and how it impacts choices helps you realize your true potential."

"The Pink Toolbox" helps women identify whether they're falling short of their dreams. Whittamore guides readers through the basics of EFT and offers important self-improvement tools such as how to visualize results, identify chakras and use energy centers as sources of health and happiness.

Whittamore was inspired to write the book when she realized a majority of her female clients were standing in the way of their own success by living for others and not prioritizing their dreams.

"One of the obstacles I hear from women is they've been taught that living their lives the way they want is selfish," Whittamore said. "The truth is not selfish; happily living your life is selfless."

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"The Pink Toolbox: The complete book of tools to help working women become empowered and transform their lives to living life on their terms."
By Jill Whittamore
ISBN: 978-1-45258-533-8
Available in softcover and e-book

About the author
Jill Whittamore is an American Association of Drugless Practitioners board-certified holistic health coach, certified master life transformation coach, workshop leader, speaker, certified infinite possibilities trainer, certified law of attraction coach, EFT practitioner, and essential oil consultant. Jill was inspired to join the self-help industry because she wanted to help women successfully transform their lives to live life on their dreams on their terms.

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